2018-2019 Academic Bulletin & Student Handbook


Immediate Dismissal

If an act of misconduct threatens the health or well-being of any member of the academic community or seriously disrupts the function and good order of the College, an instructor or administrative officer may direct the student(s) involved to cease and desist such conduct and advise them that failing to cease and desist will result in immediate dismissal. If the student(s) fails to stop, the instructor may temporarily dismiss them from class, or an administrative officer may temporarily dismiss them from the College for the remainder of the day.

The instructor or administrative officer invoking any dismissal shall notify the Vice President of Student Services in writing of the individual(s) involved and the nature of the infraction as soon as possible but no more than two days following the incident by completing the Student Incident Form. The Vice President of Student Services shall determine if further action is necessary.


Students are financially responsible for damaged, misused, destroyed, or lost property belonging to the College, College personnel, and students.


A written reprimand is communication which gives official notice to the student that any subsequent offense against the Student Code of Conduct will carry heavier penalties because of the prior infraction.


Probation results in loss of good standing and becomes a matter of record. Probation conditions may limit activity in the College community. While on probation, the individual will not be eligible for initiation into any local or national organization, and will not receive any College award or other honorary recognition, and will not occupy a position of leadership or responsibility with any College student organization, publication or activity. Probation will be in effect for the current term and three (3) full terms following the term in which probation was enacted. Any further violation will result in immediate suspension.


Suspension results in exclusion from class(es) and/or all other privileges or activities of the College for a specified period of time. This sanction is reserved for those offenses warranting discipline more severe than probation, or for repeated misconduct. Presence on campus is trespassing and violators will be prosecuted. Students who receive this sanction must get specific written permission from the Vice President of Student Services before returning to campus.


Expulsion results in banning a student from campus. The student loses his/her student status. Presence on campus is trespassing and violators will be prosecuted.

Involuntary Withdrawal From Course(s)

The Vice President of Student Services may involuntarily withdraw a student from a course or courses to resolve a conflict. The Vice President of Student Services may move a student from one course section to another course section, if possible.

Personal Counseling Referral

The student may be required to attend one or more counseling sessions with a College counselor. The student may be required to complete counseling before returning to the course(s). The student must provide written documentation from the College counselor that the requirement has been met. If required, the student must provide a statement from the College counselor that the student is able to return to class based upon his/her professional judgment.

Removal of Network Use Privileges

A violation of the Information Technology policies and procedures may result in removal of network use privileges.

Legal Prosecution

If College officials believe a violation of local, state, or federal law has occurred, the violation will be referred to local, state, or federal authorities for prosecution.