2018-2019 Academic Bulletin & Student Handbook

Smoking and Tobacco Products Policy

Cleveland Community College is concerned with the health, safety, and wellness of all employees, students, and visitors to the campus. To this end, the College provides a tobacco-free environment. No smoking or use of tobacco products is permitted on the CCC campus, which includes all buildings, facilities, College vehicles, walkways, out-of-doors areas, campus grounds, and parking lots.

Tobacco use is defined as the act of using any tobacco or tobacco-related products, including smoking, chewing, spitting, inhaling, ingesting, burning, carrying any lighted or heated tobacco product, or any other smoking device. Tobacco-related products and smoking devices include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, kreteks, snuff, chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, and simulated tobacco products such as e-cigarettes, and water pipes (hookah).

For College programs and courses offered off campus in public or private locations, the instructional area shall be smoke-free and tobacco product-free; and, to the extent possible, the area immediately in front of the doors entering off-campus instructional areas shall be smoke-free and tobacco product-free.