2018-2019 Academic Bulletin & Student Handbook

Student Activities

Cleveland Community College is interested in developing students to their fullest potential. The College strives to offer the utmost in academics as well as social, cultural and physical activities to help build a well-rounded person. Student activities offer every student an opportunity to make new friends and to help the academic community at large. All student activities are assisted and supported by the Student Government Association. Cultural activities (e.g., concerts, plays, art exhibits, readings, etc.) and special events (e.g., Spring Fling, Welcome Back Students, receptions, tributes, etc.) are sponsored by the SGA for the enjoyment of all Cleveland Community College students and personnel. The cultural activities are open to the community as well.

A number of clubs have been organized, and faculty and staff serve as advisors. The SGA adheres to a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, disability, age, veteran status or other non-relevant factors in administration of employment policies, educational policies, admissions policies, and financial aid programs. Students interested in forming new organizations should consult the SGA President and SGA Advisor for assistance. Clubs and organizations are free to operate their organizations as they choose within the legal framework of college rules, and local and state laws.

The SGA Advisor is responsible for supervising the student activities program. Initial requests and plans may come from the student body through the Student Government Association. Every effort is made, within the limited scope of financing and facilities, to conduct a comprehensive program of activities. The SGA budget must be approved by the SGA President and college administration.