2018-2019 Academic Bulletin & Student Handbook

Student Government Association

The students of Cleveland Community College (CCC), in order to promote better student government and unite the student body, shall strive to: represent the individual thinking, integrity, ideas and interests of the students within CCC; encourage cooperation between students and College personnel; sponsor activities or endeavors that will be of benefit to the students, the College, and the community; and do all things necessary to promote the welfare of the students. All currently enrolled curriculum students are members of the SGA and they are represented by elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) and selected Senators through the election and selection processes outlined in the SGA Constitution. Officers of the SGA may attend the North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association (N4CSGA) meetings. This enables the student to meet new people from different colleges and exchange ideas of their respective organizations. The SGA Constitution and By-Laws are online at www.clevelandcc.edu.