2020-2021 Academic Bulletin & Student Handbook


Cleveland Community College operates under an Open-Door Admission Policy established by the State Board of Community Colleges. This means the College is here to assist anyone who can benefit from a College education. To enroll, students must be a high school graduate or at least 18 years old. Admissions requirements for an emancipated minor will be considered the same as for an applicant 18 years old or older. The College advises all students to seek a high school diploma or equivalent; however, admissions to certain certificate programs may be granted without prior completion of a high school diploma or equivalency. In addition, admission to the College does not guarantee acceptance to the program of your choice or guarantee continued enrollment in the College. For more information on admissions policies, please refer to Policy 5.1.1 – Admissions, visit clevelandcc.edu, or email admissions@clevelandcc.edu.